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A Woman's House Needs The Steam Team

Well, this post's title is expressed from the heart. You see, upon our move here in Nothcentral Texas, I have met two working women who are really busy with work. Both of them are nurses; one is a Professor of Nursing at a university, the other is a Director of Nursing at the hospital where she works. Both of them are widow whose husbands passed away over 10 years ago. What's so unique about both of them is that they never rermarried. Thus, their house, I believe, needs The Steam Team's services.

So, what is The Steam Team? You can check them out at www.thesteamteam.com. They are the leaning carpet cleaning in Austin Texas and guess what, even here in Keene, Texas, they can be of service! Thus, the two working women that I know can definitely take advantage of of them!

The Steam Team's services include total cleaning and restoration of commercial and residential flooring, upholstery, air ducting, tile, and so much more. When you are a woman and worse, you are not a handy woman, then general cleaning of your own home is going to take a whole lot of energies from you so it is a good recommendation that you really seek the assistance of those cleaning experts that will work for you. 

If I myself feel like I really need The Steam Team's work done on my own house despite the presence of my 'handy' husband, how much more those who don't have their male partners in their own house? That is exactly what I think of those two newly-met working women. It will really be beneficial if they could ask the help of The Steam Team to do the cleaning to their own home.

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It's Winter in Mid-April When You're in Central Wisconsin

So, how's the weather where you live, guys? Here in Central Wisconsin, I woke up this morning to a breathtaking scenery that defines winter. I'm talking about this:

 Winter in April
How's that?

It is mid-April, alright, but it looks like Spring is being forgotten. Too bad for the 5 pots of plants that I have already prepared outside. In fact, there have been seeds that I tried to germinate in there thinking that Spring temperatures will be here for us already. I still hope they will do fine and will sprout in the coming days. Wish me luck on that!

I think the snow doesn't want to leave us unable to enjoy it to the max because this is going to be our last winter. Yes, like I have shared in my previous posts, we are Texas-bound in June and it will be for good for us. So, while spending the remaining days here in Wisconsin, what better way to make most of the cold season than enjoy it, right?

So, bring it on, Winter! LOL. Winter in Spring, that is!
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