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Mixed Thoughts on Stuff

I am currently dealing with too much stuff on my table. Literally, yes. My desk is filled right now with paperworks that need to be tackled. There are summer programs that I should check for my daughter to see if there is one that will be good for her to be enrolled in. Also, there is this canvas printing invite that I was sent with which I haven't looked at yet. If the offer is worth grabbing, I have a photo here recently taken that I would love to preserve in a form of a canvas. I am sure it will be a great addition in my wall of frames.

Another thing that's mixing my thoughts right now is my husband's and my sister-in-law's plan to sell their property back home in Philippines. They both have decided to get rid of that house and lot 15 years of living there because they are planning on purchasing a property that's a lot bigger in order to accommodate a bigger and a growing family now. Besides, the home insulation of that house also needs an upgrade now.

Lastly, this idea of a sheet metal fabrication is bugging me. You see, it sounds so foreign to me. I don't have any knowledge on engineering and mechanical stuff so it will take me a long while to learn what this term is all about. Thankfully, I can ask the husband who is knowledgeable on mechanical terms. I think I have come across this term already in the past but since it is not my field of expertise, my mind just let it go.

This week, I am trying to refrain from mind-boggling ideas as I try to simplify these paperworks that I am facing at my desk. I have a week left to do all these as next week, I will be busy again in preparation of our July summer fun. For now, I shall try to decide on the things that I need to be spending time with. Definitely not those that will just confuse my understanding, just like a metal sheet fabrication and stuff like that!
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