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December Break

I am finally able to rest and relax for a week! Last Friday was the daughter's last day of school and the husband's break started last week, too, after his last test. So this week, it will be my week. I am having a good December break and I am not complaining! Hehehe.

Here in our neck of the woods though, snow is filling our surroundings. Wherever you look, you will see powdery whites all around. Yesterday, we went to church and just outside our complex, Industrial Road junction looks like this:

It looks so chilly and cold, but let me tell you this: it is beautiful!

So, how will your week go, friends? I bet like me, you are in a relaxing mode as well. Christmas is soon to be here and while you're enjoying your time time at home with friends and loved ones, I wish you all a great and merry holidays!
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